Think it through… from all perspectives.

If there is one thing you can learn from the recent Coca-Cola fiasco, let it be this- when you set out to do something new, always think about how it will affect ALL of your customers or clients.  When Coca-Cola came out with white cans in an effort to raise awareness for the World Wildlife Fund, Coca-Cola customers quickly began complaining that they were confusing the white cans with the silver Diet Coke cans. For some, this was extremely frustrating. Which makes me wonder, did coca-cola think this campaign through? I am not sure the company realized what such a drastic change would do to its consumers. The ABC news clip below explains the change from red to white, and how this affected the customer, and why the change made such an impact. coca-colas-white-mistake-15069181

A similar event occurred with the current Best Buy campaign, Game On, Santa. 

While some people (myself included) think the ad is “awesome,” others are up in arms wondering how Best Buy could air an ad like this on television. On the Best Buy community site, hundreds of people commented that they would not be shopping in Best Buy stores this holiday season, as they were upset about the commercial.  People feel that the chain was “being mean” and belittling Santa.

My conclusion is this: every individual views events, situations, and even marketing campaigns in a different way. A person’s perspective is dependent on many factors- and these will change the way he/she feels about certain topics. You will never satisfy everyone. However, if you are a marketer, or one who is in any decision making position, it is your job to step into the shoes of your clients and customers and try to see the campaign through their perspectives.  Doing so will help to avoid campaigns that can potentially backfire. So, think it through – from all perspectives.

And don’t forget, when the comments start flowing—positive or negative—it is an opportunity to engage with the customer. Make the most of that conversation. See if you can turn an “awkward” situation into something better.



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