Starbucks Holiday Cups!

Today was the debut of the Starbucks holiday cup. You may think, “so what, who cares? It is just a cup.” Or, if you’re like me, a little smile crept onto your face, and a small burst of joy hit you when you saw the Holiday cup. I am not sure why, but each year I get excited when I get my coffee in a red cup with a wintery mix of graphics.

For Starbucks, red holiday cups have become a tradition.  At the start of November, the coffee shops begin to use their unique and creatively designed red cups. This year, there is an image of a girl and boy ice-skating in the snow.

Most people hate the cold, but Starbucks has embraced the season and used it to their benefit. According to one Starbucks customer, “the holiday cups make me want to curl up.” By designing a cup that brings warm feelings, Starbucks has conjured the happy memories of the Winter season. The cups also include encouraging quotes that uplift and entertain. 

As marketers, it is important to recognize the way your customers and clients are feeling. This can change with the seasons, with current events, or with client celebrations, news and life events. But, whatever the reason, tap into the way your target audience feels, and use that to your advantage.

Further, small changes like using a red cup instead of a white one, is just refreshing. Though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the typical white cups Starbucks uses year round, sometimes a small change is good. It gives people something to talk about – and creating buzz and engaging with customers, including their commentary in social media outlets, are some of the strongest marketing tools. Type into twitter “Starbucks Red Cup” and see for yourself – there is a ton of positive talk about the change! Just make sure whatever mix you add to your campaign is something that complements or benefits your brand.

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