Boosting creativity.

If you’re trying to foster creativity in your day-to-day work, there are things you can do to boost your imagination and get the creative juices to flowing. Here are some great techniques:

1. Brainstorm. Write down every single thing that comes to your mind when you’re trying to address something. Eliminate nothing. Be ridiculous… silly even. Genius can come from the seemingly unlikely.
2. Carry a notebook. As your mind wanders while engaged in other tasks, things will occur to you. Write them down. Don’t address them; re-engage and review again later. Sometimes ideas comes from lack of effort to think of them.
3. If you’re stuck for an idea, open a dictionary, randomly select a word and then try to formulate ideas incorporating the word. Sometimes too much freedom restricts creativity. Ironically, restriction can get you thinking again.
4. Define your problem. Get a piece of paper or your computer and define your problem in detail. Often, ideas present themselves. If it’s not working, go into further detail. By the time you’re done, ideas will be positively spewing.
5. Go for a walk. Sometimes the brain needs oxygen to kick into gear.

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