World Cup: Vancouver Whitecaps

Being that we are in the middle of the World Cup and that the United States just beat Algeria to advance to the next round I thought this was the perfect time to look at the new logo for the Vancouver Whitecaps. For those of you who don’t follow soccer, the Vancouver Whitecaps are a new addition to the MLS (Major League Soccer). They have been around since 1973 but 2011 will be their first season with the MLS, so I think it is only appropriate that they’ve engaged in rethinking their image, and after careful introspection, have re-branded themselves. The goal was to have a clean and efficient look that could stand up to all sorts of mediums and I personally think it is a success. I like the simplicity of the new logo and it’s defined look. It doesn’t give into the current trend of sports logos using a mascot to sell the brand, it takes a risk. It lost the original “cartoon” feel and became more simplistic and shield-like. Also, it has a lot of symbolism which gives it strength. This blog quote ( explains it best:

“The new logo sees the words ‘Vancouver Whitecaps FC’ written in white on a deep sea blue background, with the renowned mountains of Vancouver’s north shore sitting above the Club’s name in white and reflecting down on the city’s waterfront – below the Club name. The colour used to symbolize the refection of the mountains on the waterfront is a lighter blue or “Whitecaps blue”, which pays tribute to the primary colour on the Club’s logo worn during the historic 1979 Soccer Bowl championship. Lining the new mark is the colour silver, a distinct nod to the Club’s numerous championship titles that have been won since 1974.”

It’s fresh and modern. Way to go Whitecaps!


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