Sending Big Files

We’ve been working on some projects lately that have had clients sending us some pretty big image files. We’re all getting so used to high res images from high res digital camera’s, we often don’t realize or forget that these images are sometimes too large to email.

That’s where online file sharing comes in handy. And we’ve tried them all. So we thought we’d share our recommendations for a few we like and can recommend.

The idea is this: you can share your files over the web without using attachments or ftp. Your not actually sending the file. Your just putting it into a place where the person you’re trying to send to can retrieve it at their own convenience. All you do on your end is click to upload a file and then send the person you want the link that is provided to you after the upload.

Here are a few you might want to try:

1. MediaFire: It’s easy to use, provides unlimited storage and let you organize files in folders. All you have to do is copy the link they give you to share your files with others. Free accounts offer up to 200 megabytes  per account and no login is required.

2. : It has a very simple use interface, has no login, and no sign up required. Files can be password protected. The free account offers up to 100 megabytes as a storage limit.
3. File Dropper: This one is super easy to use. You just upload your file and share your personal link. No need to create a login account. Free accounts can upload up to 5 gigabytes — larger than the other two. You can have your account password protected, but it requires a plan. Plans start at only $.99 a month.
There are lots and lots of other file sharing options online. But these are just a few that we particularly like.
Happy File Sharing!
– Chris

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