Branding is about strategic ideas, not pretty pictures, not relationships.

I recently had a client meeting where the basic idea of brandiing came up as a discussion point. The meeting was with a company owner who was having trouble with business growth and looking for a way to help his sales staff deliver better on every-day meetings and client visits. His concern was a common one: his sales had always come in as a result of a relationship built by a sales people one-on-one with the customer. And the salesperson only had so many hours in the day to feed those relationships.

I could empathize. Totally. Helping salespeople deliver consistently over time is challenging. They are people after all, not machines. The good news was that, although he didn’t know it, the client was on the verge of transforming his own problem into the perfect solution.

By committing to the creation of brand principals and messages that he’d never previously had, he was able to make the conversations his salespeople were having more substantive, more meaningful and more relevant to making more and better sales transactions. Instead of being a “friend” to his customers, his salespeople were better able to be advisors and advocates to help solve his customers core problems.

It certainly wasn’t a surprise to us when sales went up. That’s why we like what we do so much. The transformations are so much fun!

– Chris


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