Thinking outside the box?

At a panel discussion for enterprising women that I attended last week, I heard a particular sentiment that resonated with me.  The point that was being addressed was that changes in the economy, in technology and in the way we work have contributed to a  paradigm shift — it’s no longer enough to simply “think outside the box,” because the “box” is no longer there.

This is a time when true creativity and innovation trump text book strategy, and it’s more important than ever for those organizations who are seeking growth to re-examine their goals and priorities with that in mind. Life — business included — has to be invented. There is always something new to think about, something to improve, something to create.

And that leads me to a fabulous illustrated Op Ed I read in The New York Times by author, designer, illustrator (and I’d say philosopher) Maira Kalman about invention, called “And the Pursuit of Happiness.” It’s a quick, highly entertaining and inspiring read that is sure to get the creative juices flowing.  Take a look and let me know what you think.



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