10 Simple But Often Forgotten Logo Design Tips

I just came across an article on LogoDesignLove.com’s website and wanted to share it with our blog readers. Our summer intern, Alex, who’s worked only on class projects so far, had the opportunity to contribute some ideas for a pro bono project we’re working on. As this is one of her first “real-life” projects, we thought this list was a great quick tip reference for her when working on concepts. It includes some great design essentials that all of us should be reminded of when thinking about logos.

1. A logo doesn’t need to say what a company does.
2. Not every logo needs a mark. Sometimes a client just needs a professional logotype to identify their business.
3. Two-way process. Remember, things might not always pan out as you hope.
4. Picasso started somewhere. You don’t need to be an artist to realize the benefits of logo sketching. Ideas can flow much faster between a pen and paper than they can a mouse and monitor.
5. Under-promise, over-deliver. If you’re unsure how long a task will take to complete, estimate longer.
6. Leave trends to the fashion industry. Longevity is key.
7. Work in black first.
8. Keep it appropriate.
9. A simple logo aids recognition.
10. One thing to remember. That’s it. Leave your client with just one thing to remember about the design. All strong logos have one single feature to help them stand out.

Number 10 is an especially good tip. You can’t convey a dozen different ideas in one logo — focusing on one particularly memorable attribute is key. That said, I’m looking forward to seeing what Alex comes up with. Each designer’s interpretation of information and thought process is unique, but keeping these tips in mind should be helpful.



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