Inform, engage, repeat.

Your customers know less about your services than you think they do. The hard reality is, until they need a certain product or service, they may not bother to find out whether you do it (or sell it) or not. Sometimes they just don’t think to ask.

We learned this one the hard way years ago, when one of our biggest clients engaged another firm to do a brand audit as an extension of a PR program they were launching. Having worked with this organization for more than a decade, we knew them inside out, had led them through a corporate identity change, managed award-winning annual report designs and helped transition each new communications director. But we didn’t tell them about all of our offerings often enough.

Do your clients know about your latest offerings? Do they know the depth of your expertise? Are you providing useful information and engaged in a dialogue on a regular basis?

Keep your clients in the loop. Tell them about what you do in an inventive way. Tell them more than once. Offer fresh, relevant content on your website or blog — information, tips, reminders that will be beneficial to them. Share your expertise so that when a need arises, you are top of mind. Remember, if they don’t know that you do it – they will find someone who does.

And, by the way, insight180 DOES offer brand audits. . . and positioning strategy, logos, advertising, annual reports, brochures and websites. And more. Have you been to our website lately?



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