Bad Idea, Home Depot.


Has the recession even changed big-box branding behavior?

In some cases, it seems so. Home Depot has just changed their long-standing and very successful tagline from “You Can Do It. We Can Help.” to “More Saving. More Doing.” I’m not sure what to make of that. While I concede that changing tactics to respond to market change is generally a good, proactive behavior, changing something as significant as a company’s tagline so drastically smells, to me at least, as something too close to desperation.

Value may have moved up the list of priorities as something we all need to address, but reframing your focus through your tagline seems to me to be a gross over-reaction. Especially because the building block of “you can do it” is already a value-oriented message encouraging people to tackle projects on their own, rather than hiring out.

Branding is supposed to involve more authenticity. It should focus on an organization’s heritage, values, underlying core differences. It should not be an attempt to pander to what the company thinks is the public’s need du jour. Sorry, Home Depot, we think you goofed this time.



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