Green Marketing Defies Downturn.

According to the April 20th issue of Advertising Age, sustainable product sales have risen even amidst the economic downturn. “Green Marketing”, it says “is turning out to be surprisingly recession-proof.” Consumers are still buying sustainable goods despite their higher cost and the increase in usage and competition is driving the cost of green goods down. The result? Organic food is up 5% over last year. Natural-food store sales are up 10%. Water filtration systems are up 22%. Introduction of new green products is on the rise.

This comes to me a really great news. It restores my faith in the power of seeking the bigger and more long-term picture of things. It gives me faith that progress is being made by companies working to be more green. Its good to know that the message is getting through to people and to companies — so much so that they are willing to invest in it even in challenging economc times. ~



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